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Sidewalk cleaning in High Point, NC

Are you looking for professional pressure washing in High Point? The experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration are here to ensure you're getting the best pressure washing and restoration services in the area.

We know that maintaining your property can be a difficult task. That's why we offer both pressure washing and restoration services throughout High Point. With our restoration services, we can help ensure that your wood surfaces are kept in the perfect condition.

Our pressure washing services are available for:

No matter what pressure washing project you're looking to complete, our experts can help. We individually assess each pressure washing project to ensure you're getting the best clean possible. Each project is different, which is why we want to make sure you're getting the right clean for your unique property.

We know that sometimes, high pressure water spray isn't the best way to clean your outdoor surfaces. That's why we offer soft washing, or low-pressure cleaning, for your more fragile surfaces. Soft washing is perfect for your house washing and roof washing options. This option uses biodegradable cleaners to break down dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria on the surface of your home before it is washed away with a water-bleach mixture.

To learn more about the pressure washing and restoration options for your High Point home and property, call the experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration today at 336-355-6894 or complete our online request form.

Why Choose Concrete Cleaning for Your High Point Property?

Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials around and is used in a lot of construction projects. So, if it's so durable, why do you need to invest in a professional concrete cleaning for your High Point property?

Concrete is a very porous material. That means that it is made up of thousands of small holes. Any time something gets into one of these holes, it can damage the structure of your concrete.

These pores tend to collect damaging materials, such as water, automotive fluids, small rocks, and other organic and inorganic material. Over time, these materials start to break through the pores and can cause breaks and cracks in your concrete. Once a break exists, it's impossible to fix without costly repairs.

To ensure your concrete is healthy and whole, it's imperative to invest in a professional concrete cleaning with a reputable pressure washing company. Pressure washing utilizes high powered water spray that easily gets into the small pores on the concrete and cleans out these contaminants without damaging the structure of the concrete surface.

If you're looking to keep your concrete looking great and structurally sound, call the pressure washing experts of High Point at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration today to set up an appointment.

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