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Roof Washing for Your Greensboro Home

Roof washing

The pressure washing experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration offer professional roof washing throughout the Greensboro area. Our experts provide both pressure washing in Greensboro and professional low-pressure washing to ensure you're getting the best option for your cleaning project.

Our professional roof washing utilizes low-pressure washing, or soft washing, throughout the cleaning process. Our soft washing utilizes biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaners to break down mold, mildew, and bacteria on your roof's surface. These cleaners get into all the smallest areas on your roof to ensure you're getting the best clean possible.

Once these cleaners are given time to work, they're cleaned away with a gentle water-bleach mixture. This mixture cleans and sanitizes the surface of your roof.

Soft washing is the perfect option for siding, shingles, and softwood. To ensure you're getting the best cleaning option for your home, our experts will complete a full individual assessment before we begin. This will give us a good idea of what cleaners to use and what cleaning options to utilize.

Our roof washing and house washing option both utilize soft washing techniques to ensure your outdoor surfaces are taken care of. To learn more about how our roof cleaning option will keep your Greensboro home clean and clear, call the experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration today at 336-355-6894 or complete our online request form.

Why Choose Soft Washing for Your Roof?

Professional soft washing is the best option when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your roof's structure. Unlike other, harsher cleaning options, soft washing offers a gentle cleaning solution for your more fragile outdoor surfaces.

Harsh cleaning options like pressure washing can break away at your shingles and cause chipping and breakage. These damages result in costly repairs. By investing in a professional soft washing with a reputable pressure washing company, you're protecting your biggest investment.

Soft washing is a great option for your fragile home surfaces. By utilizing biodegradable cleaners that break down bacteria at the source, it isn't necessary to engage in harmful scrubbing or high water pressures. Not only are these cleaners safe for your exterior surfaces, they're also safe for the environment.

Because cleaners are applied in a soft mist, they get into all the hard-to-reach places that other, more traditional cleaning options can't get into. This keeps your roof clean for longer by getting into all the places bacteria and other contaminants can hide.

Soft washing also helps to protect the structure of your roof by getting into these smaller spaces. Bacteria that find a home in these areas grow and break down the structure of your roof. By ensuring these bacteria are broken down and washed away, you're protecting your roof from damages.

By investing in a professional roof washing with a soft washing company, you're saving money in the long run. Roof cleaning is an integral part of your home maintenance project. Keeping your roof in the best shape possible is your priority. By investing in a yearly roof cleaning with a trusted pressure washing company ensures the longevity of your roof. To learn more about how soft washing protects your roof, call the experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration today and speak to our experts.

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