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If you're looking for professional deck washing in the Greensboro area, Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration is here for you. Our pressure washing experts are here to ensure you're getting the best deck cleaning possible, no matter the season.

Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration is the Greensboro pressure washing expert. We provide a full assessment of your deck before we start the cleaning process to ensure you're getting the best cleaners and water pressure for your unique outdoor surface. We do everything in our power to ensure your deck is safe and healthy.

If we do notice any areas that might need repairs throughout our deck washing process, you'll be notified immediately so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Our experts work with you to ensure you're getting exactly the service you need.

To ensure you're getting the best clean for your yard, consider pairing our deck washing option with a professional fence washing. Our experts are more than willing to help you with all your outdoor cleaning needs.

To learn more about our deck washing services in Greensboro, call Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration today at 336-355-6894 or complete our online request form and speak to our professionals.

Why Choose Pressure Washing for Your Wood Deck?

Your home is your biggest investment. That means you want to provide continuous maintenance to the interior and exterior surfaces on your property. A deck adds immense value to a home if properly maintained. The best way to continue maintaining your deck is to invest in a professional deck washing with a reputable pressure washing company.

Pressure washing is a great way to get rid of stains on the surface of your deck without damaging the structure. Professional pressure washers will do individual assessments of your deck to ensure you're getting the best cleaning options for your unique deck. Sometimes, this will mean using a different cleaner and other times will involve a gentler water pressure throughout the cleaning process.

Another reason to hire a professional is that they will know how to protect your deck by using a specific pressure washing tip. There are several different tips that can be used on a pressure washing machine. The best option for a wood deck would be a fan tip or a rotating tip. Our experts will assess your wood surface to choose the best tip for your individual project.

By working with a professional pressure washing company for your deck washing, you're making sure you're working with an expert. We know just the right cleaners and water pressures to use to get the dirt and grime off your surfaces without damaging them.

To keep your deck in the best shape possible, professionals recommend investing in a professional deck washing every 2-3 years with a full retreatment of the staining. Staining is a great way to restore wood to its former luster and protect against staining and damages. To learn more about how a professional deck washing can keep your deck in the best shape possible, call the experts at Property Shine Cleaning and Restoration.

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